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You've got the Space . . . let's Decorate!!!
by Carolyn Goldberg
Interior Decorator & Principal / Accredited Member of CDECA

First published in Terra Cotta Magazine, Fall 2008 publication

As the crisp air sets in and summer fun gives way to indoor activities, it's time to give your home that warm inviting comfy cozy feeling that reflects your own personal style!!!! With fall just around the corner, the hottest new home decorating trends are reflecting the colourful changing landscape.

It's all about Comfort
No matter how good your place looks, if it isn't functional, practical, or comfortable, you won't be happy there for long. What keeps many people from creating a beautiful home that they desire is a lack of confidence. We worry and continually ask ourselves. "Is the size right? Does this pattern work? Is my sofa the right style" . . . and so on. Added to this uncertainty is the potential cost of a mistake. Consequently, very little is accomplished, causing more anxiety and confusion.

Take some responsibility off your shoulders   
Hiring a professional Interior Decorator for a lot of people can seem excessive. Important decisions that affect your home for the next 5-10 years can be quite the financial investment. Working with a professional Interior Decorator is a great time saving approach because creating a beautiful home is very time-consuming. Many busy home owners now want a "designer eye", working with them will take some responsibility off your shoulders.

An Interior Decorator will take the anxiety out of the design-build process and make it enjoyable and comfortable every step of the way. An initial consultation visit to your home provides an opportunity to learn about you and your family, assess your needs, personalities, preferences, function of space and budget.  Discussion of color preferences, window treatments, furniture and space planning will take place.

Experience the stress free benefits
A sensible approach to any project is determining a budget; when it comes to the "Budget" question; most people are hesitant to designate what they can afford to spend on their project. Your budget should be a realistic amount that you are happy and comfortable with to make your dream space a reality. Keep in mind that your "WOW" factor can always be achieved by structuring timelines according to how much money you would like to spend. Providing clear budget information is a real time saver, as it is the key to attaining precisely what you want out of your project, a professional Interior Decorator can help you plan your budget effectively according to your priorities.

While working collaboratively with your decorator throughout the project you will have the opportunity to experience the stress free benefits of hiring a professional Interior Decorator. As the design process evolves, you will be making more confident style choices resulting in a perfect dream space tailored to your unique needs.

Design planning
Once a fairly concrete design plan is in place, all furnishings, materials and estimates are presented and must be approved by you. There may be a need for additional samples to finalize the concept and strategy. When all choices have been concluded, finalized and approved in writing the implementation process is initiated.

Depending on the project, drawings such as floor plans, contractor meetings, supplier appointments to source fabrics, materials and furnishings must start to take place. Keep in mind that every project will vary and timing is based on the scope of the finalized decorating plan.

This is a very detailed and exciting process where everything in your new space starts coming together -- colour, furnishings, window treatments, lighting, rugs, etc. The rest is in the details, incorporating the right accessories will transform your personal space into a truly beautiful and inviting room. Volumes, textures and colours all come together in a well designed home to portray an image of who you are and how you want to live. Formal or informal, sophisticated or casual, there are fabrics, textures, and unique furnishings available that will bring it all together giving you the home of your dreams so you can relax entertain and enjoy for many years to come.

Develop your Character
Every space has its own personality, take a step back and consider changing it.  Give yourself the opportunity to develop your character in a way that will suit your own personal style. When decorated with sensitivity and confidence, the natural features of any home are enhanced, giving full expression to the tastes and personality of the owner.

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